Motorized rails



Quiet design: very quiet start and stop. elegant curtain movement

Light Touch: when moving the curtain 5 cm, the engine starts automatically

Manual operating: possibility to open and close the cortrian with the engine stopped

Locking Stop: the curtain stops automatically when the relief notes resistance while moving

Control modes: radio frequency, cable, RS232/486, etc.

Self-adjustable limits: memorizes the end positions of the curtain, to protect the components and prevent damage to them

Adjustable speed: possibility to adjust three different speeds

Multiple connextions: The standard interface supports the connection of several engines that can be controlled by external switches or a single central control

Rail Specifications

Noise level below 30 dB on the main engine

Use of ball bearings to ensure a balanced and quiet movement

High sensitivity hidden antenna

Sleeves with double ball bearing to ensure a balanced and silent system

The engine can be installed either below or above the sleeve

Ceiling stirrups with stainless steel concealed structure

Engine Specifications

Engine & Rail Specifications

Quiet design: across 45 mm

Quick tubular inverter motor with mechanical end stroke applied to roller blinds and awnings of small and medium size.

Also used in large projection screens.

Ideal for use in screen roll-up curtains or blinds due to its high speed.

Noise level below 45 dB on the main engine

Mechanical limit siwtch

High Speed: 30 PKM

Precision limit switch. Maximum limit: 45 turns.

Patented brake structure on both sides.