The stories and legends of the Inuit culture were eternalized with their own communication system. The creation of native characters that expressed their values, increased their culture, decorated their spaces and limited their properties. Banners full of creativity where they transcribed their ability to exploit the available resources of the land, sea and ice, ensuring their survival in the Arctic.
At Flamenco we pay tribute with an editorial design that combines elements of art such as line, color, shape and pattern. Natural jute and ramie printed fabric handcrafted with engraving tools in Mediterranean blue, tonic greens and seductive red.



Technical report

Design: Imperial

Collection: Revoltoso Vol. I

Composition: 100% linen sanforized

Width: 140 cm - 55"

Weight: 473 gr/m2

Vertical pattern repeat: 39 cm

Horizontal pattern repeat: 91 cm

Pattern match: Half drop 50%

Usage: Upholstery for decoration, curtains, blinds, bedcovers



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